Friday, December 01, 2017

Been a while between posts but... we are hiring!!!

1st Year Apprentice Carpenter AND
2nd or 3rd Year Apprentice Carpenter

GVH Constructions specialises in constructions services including residential renovations & strata maintenance, predominately servicing the lower-north shore, inner east & surrounding area. We are currently recruiting for 2 roles including a first-year apprentice as well as a second or third year apprentice.  We are looking for applicants that are seeking a long-term career in the construction industry.
The successful candidate will learn all aspects of carpentry whilst completing their study with TAFE (preferably Meadowbank or Northern Beaches Campus) & receiving a nationally recognised qualification Certificate 3 in Construction Carpentry upon completion.
So, all your friends are off to uni.  Fear not!  We understand that university isn’t for everyone & it wasn’t for us.  The following successful business people never went to uni, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and American celebrity chef Rachael Ray.  One career pathway after completion of the apprenticeship is an option to continue study with TAFE or privately for a Certificate 4 in Construction and then apply for your builder’s license so that you can start your own company.  Whether your goal is to run a company or just be a very good skilled tradesman we are happy to support you no matter what your construction career goal is.  

GVH Constructions has been established for 20 years & is a family business who have a small team of currently 4 long term employees.  GVH Constructions have successfully trained 2 other apprentices during this time and helped a very skilled carpenter who has been working in the industry for over 15 years to also receive a Certificate 3 in Construction Carpentry.  We have a full WH&S system and are a member of the NSW Master Builders Association.  Having a good friendly team is our priority.
The suitable applicant will be very reliable, have lots of common sense, be self-motivated with the ability to carry out physically demanding work. The position is full time with award wage as well as penalty rates, allowances and superannuation.
Applicants must have:
·      Safety induction card
·      Australian driver’s license
Key characteristics needed for this position include:
·       Strong work ethic
·       Willingness to learn
·        Basic tools a plus
·        Excellent communication & common sense
·        Preferable but not essential own vehicle
·        Preferable but not essential current first aid certificate

Must have a good sense of humor, love a small team environment and like bad talk back radio.  GVH Constructions are an equal opportunity employer.
Please email your cover letter, 2 written personal or professional references and resume to Graeme at or phone 0416 006 604 after 4:30pm weekdays only.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Say Goodbye to Mis-Match Colours

Have you ever stumbled across the perfect colour for your new walls? Only to find that a photo on your smart phone and a quick PMS comparison bear no resemblance to the colour you once saw?
Have you ever had to match the colour of a wall that had been scratched? Accidentally ditched the paint can ages ago and forgotten the swatch name?
Well believe it or not, there is an app to solve this colour-matching dilemma.
A new smartphone application enables you to capture any colour you see and store the information in your phone in as much detail as the human eye. The creators describe the SwatchMate as a "real-life eyedropper tool".

SwatchMate, from the bright minds of by Paul Peng, Rocky Liang and Djordje Dikic, is a small cube device that accurately identifies and captures colours on real-world surfaces. It uses Bluetooth to send the colour data to a smartphone or into Photoshop.
This application is revolutionary for designers, home renovators, and other creative minds to ‘measure’ colour values. Awarded the 2013 Sydney and Melbourne Design Award, Swatchmate allows users to instantly scan any surface and digitally match its colour to paint libraries. The idea is to make the colour world more interactive so that colours can be properly documented.

If the project reaches its funding goal, the SwatchMade will be manufactured in Victoria by June 2014.  

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a crucial element for any home. It can alter the mood as well as the appearance of your walls and furnishings in a particular space.

Different lighting for different spaces
Bedroom: Think about mood lighting, dimmer switches, wardrobe lighting, dressing table and bedside table lamps.
Lounge room: Accent lighting works well in a lounge room. It is recommended that you use up-lighting (floor lamp or wall lights) which offers a purer quality of light through refracting off the ceiling.
Kitchen: Your kitchen cabinets can showcase your treasures and collectibles with feature lighting. Recessed downlights and task lighting are also great in kitchens.
Get the right light bulbs
There are numerous light bulbs on the market: energy efficient, halogen, LED, fluorescent, incandescent – the list goes on. 
Light bulbs come in a variety of shades – from warm to cool light tones, or bright white, to blueish, to yellowish. This is the ‘colour temperature’ of light measured in degrees Kelvin. 

The lower the Kelvin the more yellow the light and the higher the Kelvin the bluer the light. A warmer globe is generally preferable in a home setting but a cooler globe may be more suitable for applications such as strip lighting in bulkheads.